Thursday, February 25, 2010

Herald Sun News Article

From the Herald Sun article on the A-Z on generation Y.

I would like to argue that some of it's bullshit. I grabbed some the quotes from the article which represent bullshit the most.

"And if there's a generalisation to be made about young Generation Y people, it's that they don't like waiting."

If you look at life as a Generation Y, we're not impatient. We've been brought up with advanced technology which has eliminanted the need to wait. It's a way of life. We don't have the mind set of sending snail mail and waiting 3 weeks to get a repsonse. We will send an email and get a answer straight away. We as a group think about the best and quickest way to do any task.

"The only problem might be their impatience with the old ways: they want instant gratification, think email is snail mail and want to be chief executive of the company by 25. And, of course, all in no more than 35 hours a week."

I want to be CEO for the experience, to put myself to the test to see if I can handle the situation. The older generations are looking at us with their outdated mind sets.
Growing up with the words down-sizing, retrenchment and payout. We have become cynical about spending more time at work. I have been let go from 2 jobs from downsizing ( it wasn't just me it was over 50 people in both cases). Following the last downsize, I'm careful where I spend my time. Also I work effectively so the job is done faster.

""They are extremely materialistic, they want to climb the dizzy heights of 'careerdom' and they want it now." "

An idiot wrote the above, it's trying to shock you to make a point when a detailed statement would've been better.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Decisions V's Time

What are the small decisions that we make daily that add up over time?

Eating Macdonalds won't kill you today. Over time, compounded daily, it will increase your chances of heart disease. Having your cigarette today won't give you lung cancer straight away. Compound the 20 cigarettes daily over 20 years and you will increase the risk of lung cancer. Watching TV 5-6 hours a week while your kid is running a muck around the house for attention will piss you off now. In 20 years from now how little will he love you?

You're exercising regularly and you're eating the right foods, you're now 50 years old though you look 35. You're partner has just been embarrassed in front of your work mates during a work function. You take them aside and ask "are you okay" or "can I do anything"? 5 years from now and you're still in that supportive relationship, happy as Larry.

Imagine your now 80 years old. Your alone, what will you think about?

Which paragraph will dominate your thoughts?

It's funny, people will complain about about life being hard. It's not hard, you just decided it would be a while ago .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Booklist

Below is the list of books that I have read, I highly recommend them all.

I will be update the list as I go along.

5 that I would implore you to read are:
The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin.
The four hour work week by Tim Ferriss
You can negotiate anything by Herb Cohen
7 habits of highly effective people
Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill

The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin
The four hour work week by Tim Ferriss
You can negotiate anything by Herb Cohen
Are you fired up by Anne Whiting
3 seconds by Les Parrot
The law of success in 16 principles by Napoleon Hill
Go and be Successful by Wes Beavis
Think big and kick ass by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker
Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The ant and the elephant by Vince Pocente
Now or never by Mary Modhal
Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy
Attitudes are contagious Derrin Mannering
Sell naked on the phone by Joe and Dawn Pici
Beyond positive thinking by Arnold Fox
I sold 22 homes in one day by Rory O'Rouke
Goals by Brain Tracy
Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert kiyosaki
Guide to investing by Robert Kiyosaki
Business stripped bare by Richard Branson
Cashflow quandrant by Robert Kiyosaki
From 0-130 properties in 3.5 years by Mckinght
Why we want you to be rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Feel the fear and do it anyway Susan Jerffers
The difference maker by John .C Maxwell.
The way of the peaceful warrior by Millman
Personality plus by Lit Taure
Beyond dreaming by Leaning-Mizen
The Ultimate Life by Stovall
Talk Language by Allan Pease
Losing my virginity by Richard Branson
Principle Centred leadership by Steven Covey
How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnigie
The things i learnt from Bill Porter by Brady
The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
The magic of thinking big by Dr schwarts
The richest man in babylon by George s Clason
The CEO of you by Marsha Petrie Sue
Thank and grow rich by Napoloen Hill
7 habits of hight effective by by Stephen Covey
The slight Edge by Jeff Olsen