Saturday, July 24, 2010

Motivation Vs Determination

Thanks to Teejay for the photo.
So what does determination mean to me?
(I don't smoke, but I like this example)

Determination is an act of will to stop yourself smoking, or to stop any bad habit. You force yourself to stop. You're actively redirecting yourself. Your thinking and focusing on the process the whole time. Every time you reach for a smoke, you pull your hand away and go do something else in the hope you won't cave in. This works cross-contextually. You could apply to drinking, being over weight or any other bad habit(s) you can come up with. 

What does motivation mean to me?

Motivation is the thinking about the end step and letting yourself be drawn to it. Almost like a rubber band. You're motivated to get the outcome you want. You're not smoking because your on the way to quiting, you're thinking about the end when you will be healthy and can run the fastest 100 metre sprint you ever have (insert your own goal here)

2 Stories:

Cross, hook, right kick, left knee, cross, left kick, knee...... I've just done this same combo 15 times in my 4th, 3 minute round while kickboxing.  I'm so tired, I have been pushing the tempo. But, I'm determined to keep it up until the end of the round. I'm thinking "I'll be able to rest at the end". But, to be honest it all seemed like hard work. I lacked the wanting to punish the Thai kick pads. I completed the round but, it wasn't as satisfying.
This first story is a usual thing for me. I can push through just about anything. But, for some reason the end never tastes as good as I think it will. I was determined to push through and complete the rounds but, my heart wasn't in it.

Cross, hook, right kick, left knee, cross, left kick, knee...... I've just done this same combo 15 times in my 4th, 3 minute round while kickboxing.  I'm so tired, I have been pushing the tempo. But I'm motivated. I know what I want, the end step is clear. I take a big deep breath and push harder. I can feel the flow of everything. I feel aligned and like my body is working with me to get to the end of the round. I'm relaxed and the punches feel twice as hard as they usually do. I finish the round, I feel good and like I could do another. I'm pumped and feel alive.
This second story is something new to me. I have just started to experiment with motivation and allowing myself to be drawn to end by a desired outcome. I would have to say it's a lot easier and feels a lot better. 

Not having a clear image of what you want and just doing the work won't let you dig deeper and will give you the same mediocre outcome you have always been getting.
Knowing why your doing something, I think, is the most important thing you figure out. You will dig deeper. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letting people lose honourably

We were grappling, I had side mount. My knees where tucked under his back. My hands were locked in a gable grip behind his right shoulder. He was squirming a lot trying to get out of the posistion I had got him into.

The whole time he had been successfully preventing me from getting full mount. But, I was patient. I was waiting for a window of oppurtunaty to show itself.

The window showed itself, I jumped over his legs and got to the full mount posistion. Good, now I play the waiting game again and try and tie up his arms. I faked grabbing his left arm for an arm bar. He defended, I then grabbed his right arm, swung my left leg over his head locked his right in and proceeded to hold on waiting for him to give up and let go of his arm.

This is where I'm going to pause my story.

My whole life has been spent getting into battles in different situations and waiting for the other to give up. I can be very very persistant. I pride myself of this quality. But, winning has eluded me.

So why has winning eluded me? Well, I'm very persistant. But, people can be very stubborn. As the old saying goes "they'll cut of their nose off to spite their face".

So, I'm locked in this battle. He has grabbed his arm that I had almost locked in a arm bar and is holding on. There is no way out of the lock I had on him in. I knew this and he knew this. I thought he would realise this and just let go, there was no way out. But, he wouldn't. I held on and pulled at his arm but, he was stubborn and wouldn't give up and let go.


If I beat him by sheer power and strength, it will humilate him. He doesn't want to be humilated and is holding on. Not only to not lose, but to keep his sense of identity. He doesn't want to be humilated because another person has overpowered him. Some could say he should realise that he has lost and just be humble enough to give up. But, he's not a Buddah and has problems.

I'm getting tired, holding on is gassing out my arms and legs. I need to finish this quickly. Up until this point I had been directly challenging him. I needed something else.

I had to let him give up and also keep his honour. So, I started picking at his fingers and pushing the hand that was holding on. Eventually his grip lessened slightly and I capatilsed and pushed his hand off and locked in the arm bar. He tapped out and I won.

So what changed? I'm very sure he could of kept holding on for a while longer. So instead, I gave him an excuses to give up. I was allowing him to have a honourable way out by attacking his grip. I was no longer directly challenging him.

I won, but he saved face. It was a Win/Win situation.

If you want to win and the person your dealing with is being stubborn. Stop directly challenging them and give them a excuse to conceed. If you can allow someone to save face while getting out of a situation they will usually take it.

Go for the Win/Win.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stretching and why it may not matter

Thanks to bodderick performance for pointing out a lecture by Doug Richards on why stretching doesn't necessarily increase performance or prevent injuries. It's 45 minutes but well worth the listen to.

 Click here to watch.

Couldn't figure out how to embed it sorry.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

120kg Deadlift

120kg = 1 rep

110kg = 5 reps

120 kg is my biggest deadlift ever. 
(We were packing up and someone put the bench there, I was to lazy to move it for the photo and I wanted to go home)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From 0 to Hero

Well, I thought I would blog on a experiment I did to gain 10 kgs of mostly muscle last year.

At the time, I weighed 75kg and was the epitome of awesome as you can tell from the below photo (sarcasm).

So, I have been skinny my whole life and have tried numerous things to put on weight. A lot of things that everyone recommend to me were lift weights, eat a steak everyday, drink weight gain shakes and eat heaps of junk food which was a funny one.

But none of these worked, so I was a happy chappy as you can tell. I look quiet enthused.


After chatting with a buddy of mine who weighed 96kgs and could bench press 140kg 6 (reps) times I change a few things. What did we talk about? Lifting weight? not really, how to swing a hoolahoop around your hips properly, nah. But, that would have been funny.
What we talked about was my diet. His main questions revolved around how many calories I was eating. I guessed around 2.5k calories. 

He chuckled, which was slightly annoying.

He said I need to eat a lot more food. I need to eat 4000 calories a day. Not just any type of calories, they had to be clean calories. So, no junk food at all. I know it's obvious, eat more to put on more weight. But, I needed the proof from someone who had done it. Not just your average person who doesn't know shit about weight gain. 

I have some direction, now I'm happy. I celebrate by wearing a towel on my head.

By the way, I wasn't talking to that guy.

This conversation happened exactly 1 month into a 3 month weight lifting program I had designed for my self. 
After 1 month I was still in the same position as I was when I started. There was some small changes, but nothing big.

I could:
Benchpress : 40kg
Deadlift : 35kg
Squat : 30kg
Whinge a lot : 99999

Weighed 75kg

So with 2 months left I started eating 4000 calories. 
The results were fantastic.

I immediately exploded in the amount of weight I could push out and my muscle size grew at a phenomenal rate.
I went from 0 to Hero. 
( Those red dots on my back are from 13 spider bites)

Looking good eh?

Well, I look like a have some muscles which was the result I wanted.

So, how much could I lift and how much did I weigh?
Benchpress : 85kg, 8 reps.
Deadlift : 87.5kg 11 reps
Squat : 110kg 5 reps
Awesomeness : 99999
I weighed 85kg of muscle. I put on 10kg in 2 months.! (without stretchmarks).

So if your skinny and wearing a towel on your head and want to get big? Eat a lot of food.

If you want ideas for food, leave a comment and I see if can remember some stuff.

So what's next?

Side note : Thanks for Jacques for pointing an article that goes through in more detail. I highly recommend it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Anatomy of Peace

Anatomy of Peace

Wow, what a great book. Reading the cover I was very skeptical about its contents. I have read many airy-fairy books, only to be disappointed.

One very good concept they talk about is justification v's being true to yourself.

Example: When I was about 8 years old a older lady fell over and split her knee open. She totally freaked out. I stopped and got a shop owner to call an ambulance. I didn't get any thank you from her (I'm thinking she had bigger things to worry about). But, I felt really good about stopping and helping her out. I was being true to myself, I wanted to help her.

Years later, I became a bit more jaded about the world. I was walking to work and I passed a girl who has crying her guts out. I didn't do anything, which I hate to admit. I justified why I didn't need to stop, I came up with some good excuses. I'm going to be late for work, she can deal with it herself, a friend is probably on the way to help her out.

It seemed like a small thing at the time. But, the image of that girl is burned into my brain. I wish I had stopped. The price I payed for not being true to myself has outweighed 10 fold the small inconvenience it would have been to help her.

If you find yourself justifying why not do to something re-think about it and see if you can.
If the situation is dangerous IE getting into a fight or lending large amounts of money, use common sense there is a reason why we justify.
You will probably notice how much you do it, don't get bummed out and stop, because your justifying again why not to follow your path.
Be awesome.
Once you reduce what you justify you will begin to see people for who they really are and your rules about how people should act will be lessened.

Thanks and please comment on similar things you have been through.


If you have haters in your life listen to Katt Williams. He will set you straight.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Woop Woop

It's been a pretty good week. On Tuesday I did a weights workout, the muscles I focused on were chest and was at 75% of my peak. I haven't done any weights for 3 months which was a suprise. I thought I wouldn't be able to lift that much weight after so much time. It must be a muscles memory thing. I also did some grappling, I hurt my shoulder and ankle :( But
I learned how to do a flying arm bar. Which is freaking awesome.

So I only did 1 workout, planned for 2 and 1 martial arts workout planned for 2 :( arwellll.

Ash handed in her resignation on Friday, so she is very excited. Ash is going to start her own business selling skirts and other stuff she loves online. She is reading through 4 hour work week to get the process down packed so it's easy, automatable and generates a good cash flow.

Reading through the Anatomy of Peace has changed a couple of mind sets and habits. I'm probably going to do a blog post on it this week. So watch this space. One good change is I don't have so may rules around how people should act. Which has flowed also into seeing everyone's potential a lot more. Which is potentially nice for everyone.

Goals for this week.

Set up Ash's online business.
2x workout (weights)
2x martial arts work out
Talk to my brother about hosting a website
Create a blog for Helena
Rearrange finances to transition Ash to not working full time, see what impacts might happen (please comment below with tips)
Look into how much it costs to manufacture MMA gloves (wholesale, delivery, will they delivery direct to customers, blah blah blah)
Think big, and also takes small compounding steps towards sheer awesomeness. woop woop.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This song is awesome.


I had Sarah's birthday garden party at my house.

It turned out really good. Day time the event looked great, night time was really good!!! At the end of the night it was just Sarah, Jarrod, Paul, John and Ash. The gas heater was on, the wine was flowing. All round great company and a perfect night.

Current books im reading:

Four Hour Work Week ( extended edition) Tim Ferriss (this is my current "bible")
The Secrets of Mental Math - Arthur Benjamin and Micheal Shermer
The Anatomy of Peace by Arbringer Institute (recommend to me and very good)
Vagabonding - Rolf Potts (second time reading)
The Story of Bruce Lee - can't remember author, but a great doco on his philosophy on life.

Blogs I'm reading:
Seth Godin - Marketing
Tim Ferriss - Life Hacking/ Lifestyle Design

Ash just finished training using NLP from Friday to Sunday ( start 9am finish 7pm, big days)

Program was "Design Your Destiny"

The training is about high level goal setting.

With goal setting you have to over time become the person who can achieve the goal :IE creating the habits and mind set needed to do it (mainly with big goals, doesn't apply to washing dishes).

What this course does is program in the habits and mind sets need into your unconscious mind then and there. So when you walk out after the 3 days, the habits and mind sets are already in place so your going towards your goal.

I have missed martial arts training for a couple of weeks so I'm going to get back into that, plus im going to get back into the weights. I'm going to experiment with the smallest amount of time spent in the gym versus the biggest gains (should be fun). MOAR SPREADSHEETS!. *(I'm a spreadsheet freak)

My goals for this week are:
2 x weightlifting sessions
2 x 30 mins martial arts sessions (very high intensity due to time restrictions)
See Iron Man 2, very easy to accomplish!
Read 1 hour a day
2 x Dance classes (Wednesday, Thursday)
Finish off automating finances ( my crazy credit card scheme)
In general kick ass.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stop Worrying and Start Living

“What, then, was his secret to his success? He stated that it was owing to what he called living in 'day tight compartments'. What did he mean By that? A few months before he spoke at Yale, Sir William Osler had crossed the Atlantic on a great ocean liner where the captain, standing on the bridge could press a button and -presto!- there was a clanging of machinery as to live with “day-tight compartments” as the most certain way to ensure safety on the voyage. Get on the bridge, and see that at least the great bulkheads are in working order. Touch a button and hear, at every level on your life, the iron doors shutting out the Past-the dead yesterdays. Touch another and shut off, with a metal curtain, the Future-the unborn tomorrows. Then you are safe-safe for today!... Shut off the past! Let the dead past bury it's dead... Shut out the yesterdays which have lighten fools the way to dusty death... The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today, make the strongest falter. Shut off the future as tightly as the past....The future is today.... There is no tomorrow. The day of man's salvation is now. Waste of energy, mental distress, nervous worries dog the steps of a man who is anxious about the future...Shut close, then, the great fore and aft bulkheads, and prepare to cultivate the habit of a life of “day-tight compartments”.

Reading through the book by Dale Carnegie - Stop Worrying and Start Living. I liked the concept of living in day-tight compartments.

Dale Carnegie also wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People a world renown book.

So what is a day-tight compartment?

It's a concept where you forget about the past and forget about the future. You deal with what is right in front of you. You stop thinking about everything else that needs to be done.

For instance I would be writing this blog, thinking about when I should book my dentist appointment and also thinking about if I need root canal as well. I also need to put my bike on ebay to sell. I also have to find another main board for my computer so I can start playing Assassins Creed 2 on PC.

Because I'm thinking about all the things I'm being counter productive.

What Dale Carnegie point's out is that we should prioritise all the things we need to do and just focus on what we can do right now.

I have listed below some strategies to help you live in day-tight compartments.

Buy a diary
Set aside time in your diary to complete task and stick to it.
Go crazy and plan everything, you want to ingrain the habit quickly in your neurology.
If you can't achieve what you have planned don't get stressed just reset your goals.
After you have gone through the crazy stage you'll find things that you don't need to schedule and some you do.
If you like taking notes use evernote, I recommend going to there site it's very good.
Get onto google calender, it will send you a email to tell you what to do.
Sync your mobile and laptop to your google calender so you can set reminders to prompt you.
Prioritise your list, make sure your doing first what is the most important.
Don't procrastinate, just start.

Day-tight compartments will only work if you apply the principles and plan ahead to clear your mind.

Get crakin

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Herald Sun News Article

From the Herald Sun article on the A-Z on generation Y.

I would like to argue that some of it's bullshit. I grabbed some the quotes from the article which represent bullshit the most.

"And if there's a generalisation to be made about young Generation Y people, it's that they don't like waiting."

If you look at life as a Generation Y, we're not impatient. We've been brought up with advanced technology which has eliminanted the need to wait. It's a way of life. We don't have the mind set of sending snail mail and waiting 3 weeks to get a repsonse. We will send an email and get a answer straight away. We as a group think about the best and quickest way to do any task.

"The only problem might be their impatience with the old ways: they want instant gratification, think email is snail mail and want to be chief executive of the company by 25. And, of course, all in no more than 35 hours a week."

I want to be CEO for the experience, to put myself to the test to see if I can handle the situation. The older generations are looking at us with their outdated mind sets.
Growing up with the words down-sizing, retrenchment and payout. We have become cynical about spending more time at work. I have been let go from 2 jobs from downsizing ( it wasn't just me it was over 50 people in both cases). Following the last downsize, I'm careful where I spend my time. Also I work effectively so the job is done faster.

""They are extremely materialistic, they want to climb the dizzy heights of 'careerdom' and they want it now." "

An idiot wrote the above, it's trying to shock you to make a point when a detailed statement would've been better.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Decisions V's Time

What are the small decisions that we make daily that add up over time?

Eating Macdonalds won't kill you today. Over time, compounded daily, it will increase your chances of heart disease. Having your cigarette today won't give you lung cancer straight away. Compound the 20 cigarettes daily over 20 years and you will increase the risk of lung cancer. Watching TV 5-6 hours a week while your kid is running a muck around the house for attention will piss you off now. In 20 years from now how little will he love you?

You're exercising regularly and you're eating the right foods, you're now 50 years old though you look 35. You're partner has just been embarrassed in front of your work mates during a work function. You take them aside and ask "are you okay" or "can I do anything"? 5 years from now and you're still in that supportive relationship, happy as Larry.

Imagine your now 80 years old. Your alone, what will you think about?

Which paragraph will dominate your thoughts?

It's funny, people will complain about about life being hard. It's not hard, you just decided it would be a while ago .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Booklist

Below is the list of books that I have read, I highly recommend them all.

I will be update the list as I go along.

5 that I would implore you to read are:
The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin.
The four hour work week by Tim Ferriss
You can negotiate anything by Herb Cohen
7 habits of highly effective people
Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill

The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin
The four hour work week by Tim Ferriss
You can negotiate anything by Herb Cohen
Are you fired up by Anne Whiting
3 seconds by Les Parrot
The law of success in 16 principles by Napoleon Hill
Go and be Successful by Wes Beavis
Think big and kick ass by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker
Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The ant and the elephant by Vince Pocente
Now or never by Mary Modhal
Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy
Attitudes are contagious Derrin Mannering
Sell naked on the phone by Joe and Dawn Pici
Beyond positive thinking by Arnold Fox
I sold 22 homes in one day by Rory O'Rouke
Goals by Brain Tracy
Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert kiyosaki
Guide to investing by Robert Kiyosaki
Business stripped bare by Richard Branson
Cashflow quandrant by Robert Kiyosaki
From 0-130 properties in 3.5 years by Mckinght
Why we want you to be rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Feel the fear and do it anyway Susan Jerffers
The difference maker by John .C Maxwell.
The way of the peaceful warrior by Millman
Personality plus by Lit Taure
Beyond dreaming by Leaning-Mizen
The Ultimate Life by Stovall
Talk Language by Allan Pease
Losing my virginity by Richard Branson
Principle Centred leadership by Steven Covey
How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnigie
The things i learnt from Bill Porter by Brady
The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
The magic of thinking big by Dr schwarts
The richest man in babylon by George s Clason
The CEO of you by Marsha Petrie Sue
Thank and grow rich by Napoloen Hill
7 habits of hight effective by by Stephen Covey
The slight Edge by Jeff Olsen