Saturday, July 24, 2010

Motivation Vs Determination

Thanks to Teejay for the photo.
So what does determination mean to me?
(I don't smoke, but I like this example)

Determination is an act of will to stop yourself smoking, or to stop any bad habit. You force yourself to stop. You're actively redirecting yourself. Your thinking and focusing on the process the whole time. Every time you reach for a smoke, you pull your hand away and go do something else in the hope you won't cave in. This works cross-contextually. You could apply to drinking, being over weight or any other bad habit(s) you can come up with. 

What does motivation mean to me?

Motivation is the thinking about the end step and letting yourself be drawn to it. Almost like a rubber band. You're motivated to get the outcome you want. You're not smoking because your on the way to quiting, you're thinking about the end when you will be healthy and can run the fastest 100 metre sprint you ever have (insert your own goal here)

2 Stories:

Cross, hook, right kick, left knee, cross, left kick, knee...... I've just done this same combo 15 times in my 4th, 3 minute round while kickboxing.  I'm so tired, I have been pushing the tempo. But, I'm determined to keep it up until the end of the round. I'm thinking "I'll be able to rest at the end". But, to be honest it all seemed like hard work. I lacked the wanting to punish the Thai kick pads. I completed the round but, it wasn't as satisfying.
This first story is a usual thing for me. I can push through just about anything. But, for some reason the end never tastes as good as I think it will. I was determined to push through and complete the rounds but, my heart wasn't in it.

Cross, hook, right kick, left knee, cross, left kick, knee...... I've just done this same combo 15 times in my 4th, 3 minute round while kickboxing.  I'm so tired, I have been pushing the tempo. But I'm motivated. I know what I want, the end step is clear. I take a big deep breath and push harder. I can feel the flow of everything. I feel aligned and like my body is working with me to get to the end of the round. I'm relaxed and the punches feel twice as hard as they usually do. I finish the round, I feel good and like I could do another. I'm pumped and feel alive.
This second story is something new to me. I have just started to experiment with motivation and allowing myself to be drawn to end by a desired outcome. I would have to say it's a lot easier and feels a lot better. 

Not having a clear image of what you want and just doing the work won't let you dig deeper and will give you the same mediocre outcome you have always been getting.
Knowing why your doing something, I think, is the most important thing you figure out. You will dig deeper. 


  1. I think you may have a couple of point to ponder here ( and this is just my perspective) when training how you feel is irrelevant...exhaustion, pain, dehydration all fade in face of the empty state you must cultivate, with the empty state being your Wah. once you can cultivate that you become irrepressible and unpredictable because not only wont you lie down when you should but your opponent cant read anything in your energy other than massive violence. in straight terms my friend, your thinking too hard, let go, embrace the process and be in the moment where context becomes irrelevant.


  2. Wow,

    Thanks Si, I forgot what you taught me ages ago.

    I'll "apply" that today at training.

    Thanks again. :)

  3. This is true.

    The hardest part of this, I find (when applying it to life and wider goals), is defining the motivation.
    As stupid as it sounds, it's really freaking difficult to come up with a clear picture of what you Want. And without that, motivation is impossible.

  4. Agreed.

    It is hard, it takes a lot of focus to find what motivates you. It's what separates the men from the boys ( I have known grown men who didn't know what motivates them and they probably probably never will).

    When you do though, everything falls into line and flows effortlessly. If you keep trying to find what motivates you, I guarantee you will find it.


  5. Very insightful post; know the reason you are doing something always pushes you harder to acheive your goal.


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