Sunday, May 9, 2010

Woop Woop

It's been a pretty good week. On Tuesday I did a weights workout, the muscles I focused on were chest and was at 75% of my peak. I haven't done any weights for 3 months which was a suprise. I thought I wouldn't be able to lift that much weight after so much time. It must be a muscles memory thing. I also did some grappling, I hurt my shoulder and ankle :( But
I learned how to do a flying arm bar. Which is freaking awesome.

So I only did 1 workout, planned for 2 and 1 martial arts workout planned for 2 :( arwellll.

Ash handed in her resignation on Friday, so she is very excited. Ash is going to start her own business selling skirts and other stuff she loves online. She is reading through 4 hour work week to get the process down packed so it's easy, automatable and generates a good cash flow.

Reading through the Anatomy of Peace has changed a couple of mind sets and habits. I'm probably going to do a blog post on it this week. So watch this space. One good change is I don't have so may rules around how people should act. Which has flowed also into seeing everyone's potential a lot more. Which is potentially nice for everyone.

Goals for this week.

Set up Ash's online business.
2x workout (weights)
2x martial arts work out
Talk to my brother about hosting a website
Create a blog for Helena
Rearrange finances to transition Ash to not working full time, see what impacts might happen (please comment below with tips)
Look into how much it costs to manufacture MMA gloves (wholesale, delivery, will they delivery direct to customers, blah blah blah)
Think big, and also takes small compounding steps towards sheer awesomeness. woop woop.

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  1. Not having rules about how people can act can be kinda cool. There are always reasons why people are the way they are, and sometimes, through making the right decisions, they've just ended up acting like a dick towards you.

    But at the end of the day, I agree. There is only so far you can give people the benefit of the doubt. To act like a douche to someone you don't know is just Rude, no matter what's happened in your life.

    Also, The Anatomy of Peace seems cool. This past 14 months has been a big time of de-stressing, going through the process of saying: at the end of the day, to be honest, being 10 mins late to something is not going to kill me. And if work, or friends don't like it, maybe I dont work there, or see them quite so much.

    It's liberating to know there is nothing you will miss out on that you can't handle. Then, when your day consists of only what can happen in the next 12 hours (and not what's happened before or will after), you start living in Day Tight Compartments! :)

    P.S. Thinking big, if you could pick any ending to the next 20 years, what do you want to have/ have experienced? I have no freaking clue, myself :) Too many options for me!


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