Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I had Sarah's birthday garden party at my house.

It turned out really good. Day time the event looked great, night time was really good!!! At the end of the night it was just Sarah, Jarrod, Paul, John and Ash. The gas heater was on, the wine was flowing. All round great company and a perfect night.

Current books im reading:

Four Hour Work Week ( extended edition) Tim Ferriss (this is my current "bible")
The Secrets of Mental Math - Arthur Benjamin and Micheal Shermer
The Anatomy of Peace by Arbringer Institute (recommend to me and very good)
Vagabonding - Rolf Potts (second time reading)
The Story of Bruce Lee - can't remember author, but a great doco on his philosophy on life.

Blogs I'm reading:
Seth Godin - Marketing
Tim Ferriss - Life Hacking/ Lifestyle Design

Ash just finished training using NLP from Friday to Sunday ( start 9am finish 7pm, big days)

Program was "Design Your Destiny"

The training is about high level goal setting.

With goal setting you have to over time become the person who can achieve the goal :IE creating the habits and mind set needed to do it (mainly with big goals, doesn't apply to washing dishes).

What this course does is program in the habits and mind sets need into your unconscious mind then and there. So when you walk out after the 3 days, the habits and mind sets are already in place so your going towards your goal.

I have missed martial arts training for a couple of weeks so I'm going to get back into that, plus im going to get back into the weights. I'm going to experiment with the smallest amount of time spent in the gym versus the biggest gains (should be fun). MOAR SPREADSHEETS!. *(I'm a spreadsheet freak)

My goals for this week are:
2 x weightlifting sessions
2 x 30 mins martial arts sessions (very high intensity due to time restrictions)
See Iron Man 2, very easy to accomplish!
Read 1 hour a day
2 x Dance classes (Wednesday, Thursday)
Finish off automating finances ( my crazy credit card scheme)
In general kick ass.

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