Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stop Worrying and Start Living

“What, then, was his secret to his success? He stated that it was owing to what he called living in 'day tight compartments'. What did he mean By that? A few months before he spoke at Yale, Sir William Osler had crossed the Atlantic on a great ocean liner where the captain, standing on the bridge could press a button and -presto!- there was a clanging of machinery as to live with “day-tight compartments” as the most certain way to ensure safety on the voyage. Get on the bridge, and see that at least the great bulkheads are in working order. Touch a button and hear, at every level on your life, the iron doors shutting out the Past-the dead yesterdays. Touch another and shut off, with a metal curtain, the Future-the unborn tomorrows. Then you are safe-safe for today!... Shut off the past! Let the dead past bury it's dead... Shut out the yesterdays which have lighten fools the way to dusty death... The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today, make the strongest falter. Shut off the future as tightly as the past....The future is today.... There is no tomorrow. The day of man's salvation is now. Waste of energy, mental distress, nervous worries dog the steps of a man who is anxious about the future...Shut close, then, the great fore and aft bulkheads, and prepare to cultivate the habit of a life of “day-tight compartments”.

Reading through the book by Dale Carnegie - Stop Worrying and Start Living. I liked the concept of living in day-tight compartments.

Dale Carnegie also wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People a world renown book.

So what is a day-tight compartment?

It's a concept where you forget about the past and forget about the future. You deal with what is right in front of you. You stop thinking about everything else that needs to be done.

For instance I would be writing this blog, thinking about when I should book my dentist appointment and also thinking about if I need root canal as well. I also need to put my bike on ebay to sell. I also have to find another main board for my computer so I can start playing Assassins Creed 2 on PC.

Because I'm thinking about all the things I'm being counter productive.

What Dale Carnegie point's out is that we should prioritise all the things we need to do and just focus on what we can do right now.

I have listed below some strategies to help you live in day-tight compartments.

Buy a diary
Set aside time in your diary to complete task and stick to it.
Go crazy and plan everything, you want to ingrain the habit quickly in your neurology.
If you can't achieve what you have planned don't get stressed just reset your goals.
After you have gone through the crazy stage you'll find things that you don't need to schedule and some you do.
If you like taking notes use evernote, I recommend going to there site it's very good.
Get onto google calender, it will send you a email to tell you what to do.
Sync your mobile and laptop to your google calender so you can set reminders to prompt you.
Prioritise your list, make sure your doing first what is the most important.
Don't procrastinate, just start.

Day-tight compartments will only work if you apply the principles and plan ahead to clear your mind.

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