Thursday, February 25, 2010

Herald Sun News Article

From the Herald Sun article on the A-Z on generation Y.

I would like to argue that some of it's bullshit. I grabbed some the quotes from the article which represent bullshit the most.

"And if there's a generalisation to be made about young Generation Y people, it's that they don't like waiting."

If you look at life as a Generation Y, we're not impatient. We've been brought up with advanced technology which has eliminanted the need to wait. It's a way of life. We don't have the mind set of sending snail mail and waiting 3 weeks to get a repsonse. We will send an email and get a answer straight away. We as a group think about the best and quickest way to do any task.

"The only problem might be their impatience with the old ways: they want instant gratification, think email is snail mail and want to be chief executive of the company by 25. And, of course, all in no more than 35 hours a week."

I want to be CEO for the experience, to put myself to the test to see if I can handle the situation. The older generations are looking at us with their outdated mind sets.
Growing up with the words down-sizing, retrenchment and payout. We have become cynical about spending more time at work. I have been let go from 2 jobs from downsizing ( it wasn't just me it was over 50 people in both cases). Following the last downsize, I'm careful where I spend my time. Also I work effectively so the job is done faster.

""They are extremely materialistic, they want to climb the dizzy heights of 'careerdom' and they want it now." "

An idiot wrote the above, it's trying to shock you to make a point when a detailed statement would've been better.

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