Friday, February 19, 2010

Decisions V's Time

What are the small decisions that we make daily that add up over time?

Eating Macdonalds won't kill you today. Over time, compounded daily, it will increase your chances of heart disease. Having your cigarette today won't give you lung cancer straight away. Compound the 20 cigarettes daily over 20 years and you will increase the risk of lung cancer. Watching TV 5-6 hours a week while your kid is running a muck around the house for attention will piss you off now. In 20 years from now how little will he love you?

You're exercising regularly and you're eating the right foods, you're now 50 years old though you look 35. You're partner has just been embarrassed in front of your work mates during a work function. You take them aside and ask "are you okay" or "can I do anything"? 5 years from now and you're still in that supportive relationship, happy as Larry.

Imagine your now 80 years old. Your alone, what will you think about?

Which paragraph will dominate your thoughts?

It's funny, people will complain about about life being hard. It's not hard, you just decided it would be a while ago .

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